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Looking for an FMT in Melbourne?

Moonee Valley Specialist Centre administers faecal microbiota transplants with multi-donor gut bacteria from stringently screened healthy donors. We follow up our FMT procedure with a 12-month post FMT treatment plan to ensure best results.

Specialising in FMT implant techniques, gastroenterologist Dr Nathan Connelly and his medical team will provide you with the patient care you need to meet your medical and health needs.

Dr Nathan Connelly

Dr Nathan Connelly is a gastroenterologist and performs FMT, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, polypectomy, haemorrhoid banding, flexible sigmoidoscopy, capsule endoscopy and also specialises in helping patients with inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease and liver disease.

Our Donors Are Healthy

We take the screening of our donors very seriously. All our donors are given a series of blood tests and faecal tests, which are repeated every 12 months.  Also, our donors go through uBiome testing to match donor FMT to our patients.


Dr. Nathan Connelly & Nicole Starbuck-Connelly

Faecal Microbiota Transplant Melbourne

What is FMT?
FMT is the controlled transfer of donor flora from the faeces of a healthy human donor into the bowel of a person whose flora is missing or unhealthy.
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Frozen Enemas Now Available!
All donors are heavily screened! Available now! Easy to book! Easy to access! Kit included!
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What Does FMT Treat?
FMT is an effective therapy for recurrent Clostridium Difficile Infection. FMT works by repopulating the patient’s microbiome with diverse microorganisms.
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International Patients
Are you based in the US, UK or Europe and seeking an FMT treatment? We can arrange an online consultation and discuss our treatment with you.
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Dr. Nathan Connelly
FMT Treatments are performed at Moonee Valley Specialist Centre. The centre is owned and operated by Dr. Nathan Connelly and Mrs. Nicole Starbuck-Connelly.
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One Year After Service Care
As part of your FTM process, you will receive follow up appointments a full year after your FMT treatment.
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If you have questions about out FMT treatment, please call us on +61 3 9372 0372 or fill in this contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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We are located on 1003 Mt Alexander Road in Essendon, VIC, 3040, Australia

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Our centre is open from 9:00am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.