Frozen Enemas Now Available!

Please email or call 03 9372 0372 to arrange a booking and pick up.

All donors are heavily screened! Available now! Easy to book! Easy to access! Kit included!

Our FMT Donors

We have a minimum of 10 donors on our books. We always have more than two donors that donate. Nine of our ten are vegans. The other one is a fitness fanatic and ironmen. Also, we have five donors that are waiting to finish their screening process.

Screening Process

Our screening process starts with an email to our center. The candidate is given a questionnaire which includes, filling out a BMI, and some psychological questions as well as some social questions.

They’re all given a series of blood tests and faecal tests, which are repeated every 12 months. If the patient does become quite unwell or does go overseas, they have to redo all of their screening tests. We take the screening of our donors very seriously.

We are currently having all of our donors, go through uBiome testing, which basically tries to figure out exactly what’s the in the faecal sample of the donor. We do this so we can best match donor FMT to our patients.


We do a faecal donation mix every Friday, regardless of whether we have any patients are not. When we mix the faecal donations, whatever is leftover, we then freeze. We have quite a stock of frozen FMT,  that we can use for our patients.

FMT Delivery Service

We are currently looking into delivering FMT donations to patients in rural areas of Victoria with a dry ice delivery service.

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