FMT Treatment Australia

As an international patient, your initial inquiry would usually be done via telephone or email. In response to your initial inquiry, you will be sent an email. The email has information about the program including local accommodation, and a fees list which is password protected. A password will be sent to you in a separate email.

If you would like to go ahead with making you an appointment, we ask that you email back. All instructions are written in the email that is sent to you, or you can call us to make an appointment. We’ll schedule an online consultation to be conducted via teleconference. We use Skype. Please click on the icon below to down Skype to your computer.

Skype address: drnathanconnelly

Online Consultation

When you have your initial consultation with Dr. Connelly, he will review your case and discuss with you some appropriate management, which may include faecal microbiota transplant – FMT. If the decision is to go ahead with  FMT, a plan will be negotiated with Dr. Connelly. We like to work very closely with our patients and whilst a plan can be put in place by Dr. Connelly, he does like to consult with the patients on what is more appropriate for them.

If you would like to then move on to make your booking with Dr. Connelly to have the procedure done, you will either have a Skype or an email conversation with Jody who is the bookings office manager,  or Nicole, who is our practice nurse to guarantee your booking spot and to be able to give you all of the information.

The fee for the initial online appointment will be $350. There will be no rebate unfortunately as there are no  Medicare reciprocal agreements with our countries.

If you would like to try and claim this from your insurance company, there will be an item number attached and you can try and do that at your own discretion. Your appointment will be paid for seven days before the appointment.

Booking times are made in Australian eastern standard time and we’ll call you at the designated time. Please allow  20 to 30 minutes leeway either side of the appointed call time to allow for Dr. Connelly running behind schedule in case there is an emergency at our clinic.

It’s very clear in current and past evidence that whilst FMT is certainly gold standard for Clostridium Difficile Infections (CDI), it’s not gold standard for anything else currently in the world and should be considered “experimental”.


We can help accommodation for you while you stay in Melbourne for your FMT treatment. We have an arrangement with Punthill Apartment Hotels, who offer our patients discounted rates.

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